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Request refund for Downtime

Before you continue

Please understand, that ScootKit is not obligated to refund any time lost due to server issues or downtime. Read our Terms of Service to learn more.
We'll issue voluntary refunds if a) you had an active plan during the downtime b) we've acknowledged the downtime on our status-page and/or in the #server-status-Channel on our Discord c) one of your (paid) components were affected by the downtime d) the downtime has ended e) the refund request has been submitted within 7 days after the downtime ended f) the request was submitted by the owner of the affected server and / or the user who payed for the service
How "refunds" get proceeded
Refund in this context does not refer to a refund to your payment method - instead we will add the amount of downtime to your current plantime in compensation (if you payed via One-Time-Purchase) or add a one-time-credit to your next subscription payment (if you are on a subscription). We are unable to offer refunds to customers using a Bank-Transfer as their subscription payment method.
Here's an example:
1. Your Server (PRO-Plan, payed via One-Time-Purchase) would have been downgraded on 17. July 2023. Due to a downtime of two days, you request a refund. Your request gets approved and your server will now be downgraded on 19. July 2023 (because we refunded the downtime of 2 days).
2. Your Server (PRO-Plan, monthly subscription) has experienced a downtime of two days. You request a refund. After approval, we will calculate the value of each (started) day lost in downtime. In this example, the 6€ (pricing depending on your subscription) monthly package would be divided by 30 (length of a month). This means that a day is valued around 0,20€ - as the incident lasted two days, we'll credit 0,40€ towards your next subscription charge (this means that your payment method will be charged with 5,60€ instead of 6,00€ when your subscription renewals).
When do components count as payed? Modmail: Active-Guild Plan (not on trial), PRO-Plan Custom-Bot: PRO-Plan No refund will be issued for other components.
Please note that ScootKit will refund downtime at their own discretion and may decline requests for any reason.
We'll send you and E-Mail about the status of your request.
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